About Me

I quit “normal” life on September 7, 2016 and have been travelling around the US in my van ever since. I am 27 years old, an automotive engineer by trade and an outdoorsy person at heart. This blog is my daily journal of what I see, what I do and what I feel. I hope to inspire future travellers and will share anything I learn along the way, but it is really just a place to keep my thoughts and feelings so that my friends and family know how I’m doing. I hope you enjoy reading.

I travel with minimal research, relying on the advice of friends or complete strangers I meet along the way.  If you have a recommendation, please tell me and I will trust your good judgement and go there. I want to be able to do this without ever googling “what to do with one day in Seattle”, or “top ten must see in Arizona”.

Also, if you have friends across the country that will welcome a van parked in their driveway for a night, I would appreciate the connection. The more people I get to meet on this trip the better.

~Astro Chick