Saturday 23rd September – Sunny (and Mild) Phoenix

I woke up early and ready to get out of bed. The few hours before dawn are always coldest and my toes were tingling. I left Dan snoozing and emerged from the Cabana. Cleo joined me and I wasn’t surprised to find there was frost covering the ground. After I’d relieved myself, I fancied a read of my book in the patch of sun that was forming by a big tree. Turns our Cleo had exactly the same idea and took my spot sitting up against the tree trunk warming her belly. I shoved her over a bit and we shared the spot, me reading, Cleo sunning herself on my lap.

When the sun faded behind some other trees, it was too cold to sit so we retreated to the Cabana for breakfast. Cleo gobbled hers down while I got started on our human food. Dan rolled over and watched me cook him breakfast of pancakes, grilled mushrooms tomatoes and capsicum, topped with cheesy fried Spam. For our last American breakfast in the van, I’d say it was top notch. It was devoured within minutes and I could feel my body being warmed from the inside out.

We packed up camp, which didn’t involve much, and Dan offered me the drive out of Flag so he could relax. I happily obliged and drove us out of camp. We were on the highway soon enough with the heater blasting. It was a balmy 20-something in Phoenix and I was keen to get back to some warmth. Not only that, but we felt like we’d really exhausted Flag of its entertainment options considering the rest of the science festival was intended for children.

Dan sat back with his feet on the dash and Cleo calmly panted between us. It was an easy drive back into Phoenix listening to typical American music on the radio. I think I may have been able to manage the navigation home without Google, but I did confirm every turn I made within Phoenix with Dan before making it. Soon enough, we were in the familiar Paradise Valley and the air was warmer than Flag, but almost cool by Phoenix standards.

We were all busting for a bathroom break when we got to the house so we basically ran in then said hi to Dan’s Dad. Unfortunately, we met Dan’s Mum in bed. She was down with a suspected strep throat and feeling very poorly. Loyally, her two dogs were lying with her and we made sure she knew to tell us if she was wanting for anything. After getting most things out of the van, we both enjoyed a hot shower, then hopped straight into bed for some F1.

The Singapore race happened last weekend and since I was to be attending the next event, it was imperative I watched the drama unfold. Cleo joined us in bed to watch the racing and halfway through qualifying, both Dan and Cleo were napping. Happy Sarah. I watched the rest of the qualifying then switched to blogging as Dan slept. It was nice to hear him so soundly asleep when he has such trouble sleeping. All it takes is a bit of boring qualifying apparently! We stayed that way for a couple of hours before Dan stirred and we figured it was time for lunch.

Using some of the bread Peter had bought, we made ourselves sandwiches and sat outside to eat them. We sat a while before going right back where we came from to watch the race. When we started it and I saw rain all over the screen, I knew this was going to be good. Wholly shit it was. It was a long race, but with plenty of action despite three of the main players getting taken out in the first corner.

We’d had a perfectly lazy day our first one back in civilisation, I was thoroughly satisfied. When dinner time came around, we ate up some of Peter’s food then sat around the kitchen chatting to Debbie a while, Dan making her an ice cream shake to make her feel better. Having not napped all day, I was keen for an early night, still having to catch up on the sleep I’d lost from the cold night in Flagstaff. We watched a TV series for a few episodes but Dan outlasted me, me falling asleep on his chest in the beautifully comfortable bed.

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