Tuesday 20th June – Sleep, Race, Eat

Needless to say, we slept all the way in. I only got out of bed to go outside and do my SPOT, which I’d forgotten about last night in my fatigued state. Thankfully Derek kept me honest sending me a text early morning. We both checked on Hopper when we went to the bathroom and he seemed to be chasing worms in his dreams which was encouraging. When Dan went in for a shower and I was talking to Vanessa on the phone, he had died. Poor Hopper, we figured maybe he wasn’t a baby after all, but a full grown little bird with an injury. We don’t know if there was anything else we could have done, but at least he had one night in America.

When we finally got up and about, we found Dan’s Mum in the kitchen and we talked, catching her up on our trip over a smoothie then the usual breakfast of pancakes, eggs and breakfast. When Dan’s Mum went off to work, we were back in bed to watch some MotoX. We’d missed two events while we were away so had plenty to see. Hungry again after a few hours, we were back in the kitchen to make ourselves some pulled pork nachos with the meat left over from Dan’s Dad’s cooking. We watched a bit of news on TV as we ate, almost convulsing at the latest instalments of Trump’s antics. It was nice to be out of the loop so long, but to come back to this?

Back to bed, more MotoX, until we found ourselves hungry again. Before dinneer, we needed to do something about Hopper so we braved the 46*C heat outside to give him a burial in the front garden. We lay him to rest underneath a collection of small white rocks in the form of a cross and said our goodbyes. For dinner, Dan cooked chicken and broccoli alfredo pasta. As he cooked, I flicked channels, switching between Iron Man 3 and Transformers, hating ads more and more with every minute that passed. When I was finally fed up with it, we were back to watching more MotoX. Cleo surprised us both when she climbed up on the couch with me, not Dan.

We stayed up long enough to welcome Debbie home, then crashed for the night. We both found it amazing that Cleo hadn’t woken up properly all day, only getting up to eat, drink, pee and poop. Not that different from us really when you think about it. She obviously needed to recover from the trauma from Mexico.

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